President / CFGS Registered Representative

Close Financial Services Inc. was established in October of 2006. Stephen Close, President/CEO, had a vision to establish a financial firm that not only would benefit individuals, but also privately held companies and organizations. We are an independent financial services firm specializing in many areas of financial planning, including but not limited to: personal financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and company benefits. The company benefit areas of focus are 401(k) plans, health and disability insurance.

Stephen Close was born and raised in Las Vegas and has a deep love for the community as a third generation Las Vegan. He graduated High School locally and attended UNLV where he found his passion for financial planning. He has been an independent financial advisor since 1999.

It would be our privilege to work with you on a strategy to achieve your specific financial goals. To arrange a no-obligation consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 702-440-6000.

Financial & Retirement Planning

The purpose of financial planning is to prepare a road map for clients to follow is effort to accomplish their financial objectives. The benefits include deriving various solutions as they work toward the accomplishment of significant goals and a satisfactory resolution of client issues.

Insurance Planning

Insurance planning and risk management is one of the core components of the financial planning process. Insurance is a financial tool that transfers the risk of financial loss from one party, the insured, to another party, the insurance carrier.